Mindfulness in the Workplace

Learning to meditate and practise mindful living can take you on a path of self-awareness and discovery enabling you to experience and enjoy more of life’s moments. In the workplace this can have profoundly positive effects on both company culture and productivity.

We have the experience to set up a supportive and enriching environment for you or your employees to flourish. All our courses and workshops are based on thoroughly researched methods and our qualified teachers have a wealth of experience in mindful teaching.

Workplace Mindfulness

Kind Words

  • ‘This course has been the beginning of self-discovery. I’m so grateful for being part of this wonderful experience…I’ve started to control my hot temper and I have learnt to face my emotions and accept things as they are and most importantly, to be kind to myself’
    Ginger & White Coffee course participant
  • ‘As ever, Ruth has kindness, patience and intelligence unphased by the volume of a room full of dynamic leaders. Her calm and insistent instruction on the benefits and challenges of mindfulness take her away from simple evangelism and into pragmatic application of a scientific approach for mental health. Participants reported being less intimidated by the subject of mindfulness and interested in developing ways to apply her practice to their workplace. I couldn’t recommend this next step highly enough’
    Manager, St Albans Business Improvement District
  • ‘The Mindfulness workshop with Ruth really helped me to re-focus, reflect and re-prioritise certain aspects in my every day life. I found the content very engaging and thought-provoking, the group discussion was interactive and energising and I came out feeling calmer, ready for change and relaxed after the meditation’
    Director of Marketing, Oaklands College
  • ‘Meditating in a group is such a different and pleasurable experience. The day retreat was a wonderful experience and I am excited about doing further meditations with this new community’
  • I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed the course and learnt so much about mindfulness and meditation…thank you for being such wonderful teachers
  • Ruth & Karen have a gentle but informative approach, which allows participants in their course to build mindful foundations and explore their reactions and feelings in a group setting without any pressure. I would certainly recommend mindfulness to any and everyone, especially those troubled with anxiety, insomnia etc. and Ruth and Karen are great ‘tour guides’ on an uplifting journey!
  • The course has had a huge impact on my life. It’s changed the way I approach things and situations. I dwell on the past and “what ifs” much less, and when things don’t go the way I want, I’m able to step back and make an effort to respond rather than react